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Thesis Writing Tips

How to Write a ThesisIf you are writing your own thesis and searching for tips on how to write an outstanding thesis, the provides effective tips to keep your thesis on the right track. On the other hand if you are looking for reliable thesis writing services, you are welcome to use our professional writing services which are guaranteed to provide you with an awesome thesis. A thesis is a research project aimed at testing the student’s ability to gather data, analyze it, and use the results to solve or elucidate on an issue of interest. Basically a thesis should meet the following requirements: (1) Add to the existing body of knowledge in your field, (2) Focus on current issues which are of interest to scholars, (3) Demonstrate your expertise in a specific area of your course, (4) Demonstrate the integration of theory and practice, (5) Be flawless and publishable.

Tips on How to Write Each Thesis Chapter

Thesis Abstract

The abstract should be between 150 and 250 words. Some institutions have their word limits so it is advisable to check your thesis handbook for all structural requirements in addition to the tips you get online on how to write your thesis. The abstract should also be a true reflection of the whole thesis by briefly summarizing the aim, method, findings, and major conclusions.

Thesis Introduction

In the introduction chapter, the researcher should introduce and justify the research problem. An outstanding thesis introduction chapter should have the following subsections: Background, statement of the problem, purpose of the study, research questions, specific objectives, or hypotheses, rationale of the study, scope of the study, definition of terms, and chapter summary.

Thesis Literature Review

The literature review chapter is vital because it helps in demonstrating that there is a gap in knowledge worth researching. It also lays the theoretical basis of your thesis and outlines the conceptual framework that your thesis will be founded upon. In writing the literature review ensure you interpret and synthesize the literature in a profound way. Also note that the discussion chapter will also rely on the literature review as you compare it with the study findings. Get a balanced portfolio of sources but let most of your sources be recent peer reviewed sources.

Thesis Methodology

The methodology chapter explains how you selected you sample for your thesis, how you collected data, and how you analyzed the data. This chapter should demonstrate that you understand how to go about solving the research problem. Ensure that you justify the methods you decide to use in your research. Normally the methodology chapter includes the following subsections: Introduction, research design, population and sampling design, data collection methods, data analysis methods, chapter summary.

Thesis Results

Thesis Writing TipsIn the results chapter, you should present the study findings. For the sake of presentation, the chapter should be structured according to the research questions, objectives, or hypotheses. In this chapter you should not mention to other studies. Present important data using neat tables, or pie charts, and the rest of the data in the appendix. The chapter, like all the other chapters should start with and introduction and end with a conclusion/chapter summary.

Thesis Discussion

The discussion chapter is important to the success of your thesis because in this chapter the examiners check your ability to identify the problem from the results as well as your ability to relate it to theory and the reviewed literature. Structure the discussion chapter based on the research questions, objectives or the hypotheses to enhance the flow of your ideas.

Thesis Conclusion and Recommendations

The conclusion chapter is always based on the discussion chapter. Show the reader that you have achieved the aim of the study. The recommendations should focus on how the solutions provided by your research should be implemented practically. You should also give suggestions for future research.

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