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Thesis Chapter One WritersBelow is an outline of how we provide thesis introduction writing assistance. In the first chapter of a thesis we introduce the problem and the background of the topic. In offering thesis chapter one writing help, we usually include the following subsections:


In this section of thesis chapter one, we define the perspective of the study by giving a detailed discussion of the main theoretical tactics and conclusions reported in earlier related studies. Tendencies associated with the problem, unsettled issues, and social concerns are also discussed. In giving thesis introduction assistance, we provide reliable sources in this section.

Statement of the Problem

The problem statement illustrates the need for the project in terms of the information gap the research will fill. presents a statement of the problem that is clear and precise indicating the gap that has not been tackled by past research studies. We provide dependable sources to back the problem statement.

Purpose of the Study

In this part, the prime intention of the research is dealt with. The purpose of the study stresses realistic outcomes of the study.

Research Questions, Specific Objectives, or Hypotheses

In this section we list the research questions to be resolved, objectives, or the hypotheses. In most cases, research questions are favored. Research questions should however be sufficiently expansive to allow further split into questionnaire or interview guide items when collecting data. We normally include 3-5 research questions. includes hypotheses when the study involves experimental designs or statistical tests.

Rationale of the Study

In this section of chapter one, we explain the values or the advantages that are expected from carrying out the study. The impact of the study is related to both the practical and theoretical bearing of the problem. That is, whether the study examines a significant question, meets an acknowledged need or makes a useful contribution to practice and theory. We focus on research that provides solutions.

Scope of the Study

Thesis Introduction HelpIn this section we provide the extent or boundaries of the research. It involves the restrictions of the study in terms of physical coverage, population or subjects, and time involved.

Definition of Terms

In this part we give meanings of major/strange terms in the perspective of the study based on reliable or established sources or references.

Chapter Summary

In this section we present an outline of the main contents of the first chapter as well as the purpose, justification, and scope plus a brief description of the remaining chapters of the thesis.

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