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The main categories of academic writing services offered by ResearchWritingDesk.com are listed below. If your kind of academic paper is not listed just contact us and we can tailor-make it according to your instructions:

Academic ProjectsCustom Writing Services

  1. Dissertations
  2. Theses
  3. Capstones
  4. Research Proposals

Admission Papers

  1. Cover Letters,
  2. Personal Statements
  3. Statements of Purpose (SOP)


This is work or assignment done during a course of study and within certain time limits. It counts towards your final grade. We do course work for all fields of study and all academic levels from college level to PhD level.


We offer non-plagiarized essay writing help for all fields of study and all academic levels.

Lab Reports

Lab reports are written after sessions in the lab/experiments. We handle biology, chemistry, and physics related lab reports.

Research Papers

We offer research paper writing help for all fields of study and all academic levels.

Data Analysis

Most research projects involve collection and analysis of data. We do data analysis using SPSS, R and SAS programs. If you would like data analysis with any other program you can contact us and we can arrange for that.

GIS and Remote Sensing Tasks

We have specialist in GIS and remote sensing who will help you out with GIS and Remote Sensing assignments. For these assignments we always request the client to send the work first so that we can assess the extent, determine how long it will take and how much we will charge.

Programming and Computer Science Tasks

We offer programming services using JavaScript, C++, and Python. We also do all kinds of IT and Computer Science assignments for undergraduate and graduate students.

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