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Dissertation Proofreading ServicesLet our experts edit and proofread your dissertation to ensure you are submitting a perfect copy. The significance of an error free dissertation cannot be overemphasized. How would you feel if after spending lots of time and energy preparing your dissertation, you lost valuable marks as a result of some simple errors that you overlooked? Our dissertation proofreading services will ensure your dissertation is outstanding. We will assist you in submitting an error free dissertation and allow your assessor to fully see the substance in your paper. ResearchWritingDesk.com is the leading provider of online dissertation editing services and we also offer dissertation rewriting services.

The Issues to Check When Proofreading or Editing a Dissertation

1. Language Issues

In correcting language issues we focus on the flow of sentences and their structure. We also correct grammar, syntax, punctuation, and spelling errors. We are very keen on word choice because the wrong word choice can obliterate the meaning of your sentences. Other important areas include use of capital letters, use of hyphens, use of quotes, and use of abbreviations.

2. Citations and Referencing

Under citations and referencing we ensure that all borrowed ideas are credited appropriately both within the text and in the bibliography or reference list. We also ensure all direct quotations are placed in quotation marks to avoid plagiarism. The sources cited within the text are checked for consistency against the sources placed in the bibliography.

3. Dissertation Structure

Most institutions have a handbook which indicates the right dissertation structure to use starting from the cover page to the appendices. We check your dissertation against the school guidelines to ensure your paper is within the given structure.

4. Graphics

All graphics should have a caption and the source be cited. We ensure all graphics are presentable and cited in accordance with the required writing style. At the end of the exercise, we check the table of contents and the table of figures to certify that they reflect the correct order of pages.

Benefits of Using Our Dissertation Editing and Proofreading Services

1. Advantage of an Expert's Opinion

It is usually difficult for anyone to identify errors that he or she has made especially when working within limited time. Dissertation proofreading requires examining your dissertation paper from all perspectives including grammar, sentence structure, word choice, content duplication etc. By the time a student completes writing a dissertation, they are already tired physically and mentally. Thus proofreading and editing own work is not advisable. Fortunately, www.researchwritingdesk.com has professionals who specialize in offering premium and distinct dissertation proofreading services.

2. Competent Dissertation Editors

Dissertation editing can only be carried out by someone who is able to grasp and process the subject matter. Owing to the fact that dissertations are generally for masters and PhD students, ResearchWritingDesk.com relies on editors who are holders of masters and PhD degrees only to provide online dissertation editing and proofreading services. Our dissertation editors are brilliant and have the ability to detect even the slightest details.

3. Timely Delivery of Your Dissertation

Dissertation proofreading help is normally sought as a last minute resort in cases where time is a constraint. ResearchWritingDesk.com will nonetheless deliver first rate dissertation editing and proofreading within the shortest time possible and still allow the client sufficient time to verify the quality of the work.

4. We Check the Dissertation for Plagiarism

Dissertation proofreading and editing also involves confirming that referencing is done properly and in adherence to the required style. ResearchWritingDesk.com’s dissertation editors are conversant with the major citation styles such as APA, Chicago, MLA, or Harvard. In offering online dissertation editing services, we also scan your dissertation for plagiarism, and ensure the paper is free of plagiarism.Dissertation Editing Services

5. Positive Feedback

Our past customers testify that our dissertation editing and proofreading help is top in the industry so you can confidently send your dissertation for editing and proofreading. We guarantee that our services are outstanding and always satisfactory. ResearchWritingDesk.com’s prices are affordable, and we also give attractive discounts to our return customers. In addition, we are keen to protect your privacy.

6. Instant Dissertation Proofreading Help

ResearchWritingDesk.com offers customer support at all times through email, phone, and live chat enabling our customers to have constant updates on the progress of their work, and also to answer any queries. Kindly write to us or start a live chat and we will be pleased to give you more personalized online dissertation editing and proofreading services.

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