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A Thesis Proposal is Fundamental to the Success of the Project

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be assured of success for you research project. A research proposal is a paper written to seek approval to tackle a thesis, dissertation, or capstone project. It seeks to convince the faculty of the necessity and/or significance of the project a student intends to undertake. Depending on the quality of the proposal, a student gets approval to proceed with the project. If a lot of time is spent in the proposal stage, there will be lack of enough time to complete the actual project. assists students to prepare outstanding thesis, dissertation, and capstone proposals guaranteed to gain approval and serve as a reliable guide in drafting the thesis.

The Research Problem Must be Clear

Your research proposal is supposed to let a reader in on the problem to be solved and its practical significance. A problem is best identified by reading vastly on the topic from various sources as well as other theses covering the topic. achieves this goal for many students every month and guides others through our thesis proposal writing tips.

Structure of a Thesis Research Proposal

Normally a thesis, dissertation, or capstone proposal contains a cover page, an abstract, a table of contents, an introduction, a literature review, a research methodology section, anticipated project timeline, the bibliography, and the data collection instruments. Each section of a proposal is important and should be written in a factual and straight forward way.

Thesis Proposal Abstract

The abstract is a summary of the proposal. It should contain an introductory sentence, a sentence summarizing the background of the topic, aim of the proposal, and a summary of the research methodology. Normally a research proposal should be 150 to 250 words.

Thesis Proposal's Introduction and Literature Review

Help in Writing Thesis ProposalThe introduction section of the proposal should contain a brief background of the problem and indicate how your research project will solve the problem. The research questions and objectives of the research should be clearly stated in the introduction. The literature review should be an overview of past attempts by other researchers to solve the problem. These two sections should demonstrate your familiarity with the topic. In writing the introduction and literature review sections, we use recent and relevant sources of information such as books, journals, articles, and reports. We are keen to reference these sources suitably in the bibliography page according to the given style (APA, Harvard, MLA, Turabian, and Chicago).

The Research Methodology Section

The research methodology section of a proposal outlines the steps the researcher will follow in undertaking the research project. By reading this section, a supervisor can tell whether the research will be viable or not, thus this is the most important section of a thesis, dissertation, or capstone proposal. At, in writing the methodology section, we indicate clearly the procedures to be used carrying out the research and we also credit the methods chosen.

The Project Timeline and Budget

The project timeline section outlines the different activities one anticipates to undertake while completing the main project, and the time to be allocated for each activity. This helps the research to plan his/her time well and complete the dissertation, thesis, or capstone project on time. It is also advisable to have a realistic budget for the research.

Bibliography and Appendices

The bibliography should be done according to the required writing style. Most students find it a challenge to write the bibliography, yet it is also an important part of the proposal and it should be impeccable. The appendices should contain the data collection instruments to be used and any other supporting document relevant for the research.

Editing and Proofreading Your Thesis Proposal

One should be keen to proofread the proposal to ensure it has no structural or grammatical errors. It is imperative to scan the proposal for plagiarism to ensure that the content is original. In most cases, getting a professional to proofread your work is advisable to guarantee impeccability.

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