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Mostly essays are written as course assignments. presents essay writing tips to enable you write an outstanding essay and effectively communicate your ideas. In learning institutions, essays are issued to teach certain skills and/or assess depth of knowledge. The following tips have been used to benefit students at different levels of study.

Essay Writing Tip 1

The first step, in cases where it is not given, is choosing a topic. Being able to decide your own topic gives you freedom to select from your area of strength or an area you intend to carry out further studies on. The next step is determining the scope of the essay, which includes the length, according to the instructions offered by the tutor and based on the targeted readership.

Essay Writing Tip 2

After the boundaries and expectations of the essay have been understood, you then need to carry out research to build a case in support of your claim. To achieve this, you need to make use of the library’s resources – books, articles, journals, reports etc. However, you should be cautious to rely on acceptable and up-to-date sources. It should also include going through some well written essays on your topic and taking notes.

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Based on the knowledge gained by researching, form a thesis statement. This should be picked from a number of options, selecting one for which you have enough evidence in the notes taken during research. Then come up with an outline of the whole essay, this helps you to determine the information to put in each section. The flow of ideas is fundamental in essay writing. The outline will ensure your ideas flow, important points are not left out, or you avoid repetition of ideas. At this juncture you can start writing your essay.

Essay Writing Tip 4

A creatively crafted title and a clear, concise, and appealing introduction go a long way in drawing and retaining readers to your essay. The introduction must give a brief background of the topic and also outline the sections you will include in the body of the essay.

Essay Writing Tip 5

The main body of the essay should contain detailed evidence in support of your thesis. You should make sure that you communicate clearly. Let each paragraph be focused on a specific idea. You should not inflate points excessively just to reach the set length, but if necessary you should carry out further research. Put in mind that academic writing always analyses facts, so give real examples, cite figures if available, for example if you want to show how global trade is being threatened by terrorism, get global trade figures before major terrorism events and after such events to support your argument.

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The last part, or the conclusion, is a recap of your statement. It explains how the points discussed in the body served to stress the purpose of the essay. The conclusion should always be very strong. Ensure you mention ALL the major points discussed in the essay and relate everything to your topic or thesis. When through, take time for proofreading and editing. You should also ensure the essay is properly formatted and referenced in line with the given citation style. In most cases it is advisable to get a professional essay editor to proof your essay because they are able to identify your “blind spots”. 

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