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Writing a Research Proposal

Research Proposal Writing ServicesIn this page we give research proposal writing tips for theses, dissertations, and capstone projects. If you are looking for superb proposal writing services, feel welcome to use our help. Writing a research proposal is essential before undertaking a major research project such as a thesis, dissertation, or capstone. A research proposal outlines the problem to be investigated, justifies the problem using a brief literature review, and also highlights how one intends to go about collecting and analyzing data. The proposal should be clear and concise; thus extra effort should be put to ensure the proposal in not ambiguous. This will ensure the proposal is approved quickly and allow you more time to proceed with the main research project.

Writing a Proposal Abstract

A proposal abstract should be a detailed summary of the proposal. Though it precedes the other chapters, it should be written at the end of the exercise. Normally an abstract should have 150 to 250 words comprising of the aim of the study, the research problem to be solved, the methods to be used in the study, and the expected findings.

Writing the proposal Introduction

The introduction section of a proposal should contain the background of your study, the problem statement, the research questions or objectives, and rationale of the study. The rationale of the study is meant to demonstrate that the research study is feasible. While writing the rationale, it is imperative to consider the gaps in existing research on your topic and how your research will address the gaps.

Writing the Literature Review

The proposal literature review should be a critical evaluation of other peoples’ work related to the topic. The literature review helps to show the extent of existing research on the topic, to show the gaps in research, and also to lay a framework on which to discuss the findings of your research. The literature review should be more of a synthesis than a summary of the different studies.

A theoretical framework on which the research will be based should be clarified and related to the research. A theory is an attempt to explain a phenomenon and basing your research on a theoretical framework indicates that your research is founded on a sound foundation.

A conceptual framework which can also be included in the literature review shows the various variables to be evaluated and how they interrelate.

Writing the Proposal Methodology

Proposal Writing TipsThe methodology is a vital part of the proposal because it identifies the steps to be taken in answering the research questions. The methodology should identify the research design to be adopted, how the sample selection techniques, data collection instruments, and data analysis techniques. Reasons should be given to show why the selected methods are suitable for the research compared to other existing methods or techniques. You can support the selection of each method or technique by outlining their strengths. The methodology part should also have a section of ethical considerations highlighting the measures to be taken to ensure the participants’ rights are not violated.

Work Schedule

This is a timeline showing the different tasks to be undertaken to complete the research for your thesis, dissertation, or capstone, and the time each task will take. The work schedule helps in meeting deadlines and arranging meetings with the supervisor.


All the sources cited within the text must be listed in the bibliography based on the writing style required by the specific academic institution. One should be keen to ensure the bibliography is flawless.


The most important part of the appendices is the data collection instrument. The instrument can be a questionnaire or interview questions. In designing the questionnaire, one should ensure that all the objectives, research questions, or hypotheses are adequately covered. Consent forms can also be attached in the appendices based on the school requirements.

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